Capacity Building related to Risk Mitigation:

2° West specializes in operations in high-priority areas responding to short-notice security requests from clients on a global level.  Primary among 2° West’s capabilities is the fielding of new security techniques and methodologies responding to the dynamic threat conditions impacting client interests (both government and corporate) worldwide.

What do we do?

Physical Security Capacity Building
We bring world class Capacity Building solutions and staff from Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) arena, Port Security assessments, and the training and validation of Customs Officers, Port Security personnel and Airport Security.

Energy/Environmental Security
We bring world class Capacity Building solutions and staff that are credentialed in  renewable energy systems in the form of solar, wind, bio-diesel and many more environmentally friendly energy systems.

What are the deliverables?

For Physical and Energy/Environmental Security Capacity Building, We Assess, Plan, and Train.


Physical Security

  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Security planning and operations
  • Surveillance detection
  • Security program management


  • Wind resource assessment, data analysis and interpretation, policy impacts, feasibility analyses, site selection, project design, and program management


Physical Security

  • Security and antiterrorism awareness
  • Mission analysis
  • Operational support
  • Vulnerability and site assessments
  • Emergency management
  • Disaster relief
  • Operations center operations


  • Wind energy estimations, contract considerations, equipment design, environmental impacts, economic and financial analyses,


Physical Security

  • Individual, unit, and organizational-level curriculum development and training support
  • Security and surveillance detection
  • Exercise design, development, and execution
  • Training program management

Energy/Environmental - develop, coordinates, and presents training courses covering all aspects of wind energy project development and operation including

  • Maintenance strategies, performance monitoring, operations and reporting.

2°West LTD designs and presents Capacity Building courses for a variety of government and commercial clients. Nearly all of our training courses are customized, reflecting the special security concerns and issues most important to our clients.
Extensive use of seasoned security subject matter experts in designing and presenting our security education and training courses. Utilizing and incorporating real world experiences these widely recognized and tested instructional design principles, we will:

  • Identify your required training objectives
  • Plan, develop, and validate supporting training materials
  • Conduct effective, meaningful training for your personnel
  • Evaluate course effectiveness and review currency with your security policies or requirements.
  • Complex instructional programs are most efficiently created by combining and integrating the abilities of a team of specialists. Our corporate training strengths include:
  • Subject matter experts and “hands-on” practitioners involved in the development and instructional processes
  • Expert trainers and curriculum development specialists to ensure adherence to proven training principles
  • Feedback systems integral to all our training efforts
Corporate management attention to quality control.
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