2° West fuses traditional Community Security solutions and “Green” Energy Services to provide a holistic assessment of the challenges facing developed and developing/fragile nations and communities.
2° West Ltd. provides a range of integrated security services, supporting both government and corporate client requirements.  2° West consultants advise organizations and communities on developing and implementing an overall security strategy to reduce risks to citizens and employees, information and physical security assets. Our consultants are meticulously selected from federal law enforcement/security agencies, and the US/UK Military as well as Subject Matter Expert Scientists and Engineers focused on providing sustainable Portable alternative “green’ Power and Freshwater and Food security solutions. The expertise and experiences these individuals bring to a client’s specific requirements are indispensable in identifying potential threats, assessing weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and making recommendations to enhance a client’s security infrastructure. Whether it is advising decision makers on how to architect a security plan for a major event or assisting local governments in establishing sustainable solar and wind power to their communities – the objective is the same – provide a capacity building service to enrich and empower a community to be more secure.

Specific Capacity Building Services include: Risk Mitigation, Business Intelligence and InvestigationsFreshwater and Food Security, and Cross Cultural Training.

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